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Modern lifestyles and the use of technology are becoming increasingly intertwined and inseparable. Technological innovation has created the potential for society to live better, be more productive and create a more sustainable future in a way that works with our planet and not against it.

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Sectors: Health Tech, Carbon Tech, Supply Chain and Logistics and PropTech & Infrastructure



The world of work as we know it has been transformed in recent years with the ushering in of remote and hybrid working, all in the pursuit of a happier and healthier workforce. The future of work will hinge on innovative applications for collaboration, data protection, financial empowerment, and employee wellness.

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Sectors: Enterprise Software, Machine Learning/AI, Fintech and Ed Tech & Skills



We are redefining how we wind down, socialise, and spend quality time with each other. With a growing emphasis on mindfulness and wellbeing, an immersive digital universe is beginning to emerge that will influence how we interact, communicate, and consume information in the new age.

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Sectors: Networks & Marketplaces, Online Communities, Web 3.0/Immersion and Social, Adtech and Martech

Hear from some of our founders...

Elizabeth Uviebinené

Founder of Storia (Play)

“I’ve long admired the Cornerstone team and now becoming a portfolio company is a dream come true. I believe their people-first approach will be a game changer for many founders, and this impact will be felt across the VC ecosystem. They understood my vision from day one, and I am very excited about our future together.”

Thuria Wenbar

Founder of Evaro (Live)

“There are very few VCs that you meet where, within 10 minutes, you know that these are the people to go with. Almost immediately, we ignored other term sheets that were on the table. It was visceral and instant. We love the team. I agree with what Cornerstone stands for, what they represent, and how they’re going about ‘walking the talk.”

A VC firm with a difference...

We are on a mission to create an open VC environment where tech founders from any background can approach us at any time and get helpful feedback on how to move their business forward.

Team assessment is key to our process and will often be the determining factor in whether we choose to invest or not. Our investment process places a greater emphasis on team diversity as we believe it is essential to creating the transformative businesses of the future.

Our firm is geared to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. We invest from pre-seed through to pre series A and are set up to actively follow our money as you scale.

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